Ever since I hit major running mode a few years ago, people have been asking me all sorts of questions. I’ll share with you below, and please contact me with anything else you may be wondering!

How long have you been running?
I was always active growing up, but I never ran for the sake of running; i.e. I never did track or cross-country. Sometimes I would run on the treadmill at the gym or around the lake at home, but I didn’t really start running until I went to school in Boston. And there are always people running there! I did my first race in October 2009 and have take off since then.

What has your running career been like?
Backwards. Or so that’s how it seems. Most people who decide to pick up running first work their way up by starting at a 5K and eventually move up to a 10K, half-marathon, and possibly a full marathon. I started with a half-marathon. I’m not sure why I started there, but it just kind of happened. After two half-marathons, I finally did a 10-K, and then did a 5-K a week before my third half. The following year (in 2011) I signed up for the Boston Marathon through the charity National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and completed my first marathon in 2012. I have completed three marathons since then,  Philadelphia, New York City and Tokyo marathons.

So do you run 10 miles every day?
No! People often get the misconception that because I do one long-run a week that I am able to do that every day. This is not true. There are seven days in a week, and when training, each day serves a different purpose. You can dedicate one to speed training, two to short-runs or cross-training, two or three to normal length runs, and the last (often Sunday) to the endurance run.

What do you bring on your long runs?
For runs 1-2 hours, I usually bring along a hand-held water bottle if I know I won’t be running on a path with water fountains. For super long runs, I use a running belt that I purchased at the North Face. It’s simple enough: two bottles (filled with Gatorade or water depending on length of run), a GU pack, my keys, and cell phone. My best purchase, however, was a RoadID bracelet in case of emergencies. Everyone should have one, just in case!

Music or no music?
Until recently, I would always talk about how necessary music was for any run. How could you run for miles upon miles and not get bored?! Yet, as I have developed my running habits, I noticed how much you can tell about your body when you aren’t distracted by the music. I now run races without any music — the crowds are amazing, but more importantly, it’s a great way to hear how your feet are hitting the ground and how you are breathing. On the other hand, I do listen to music on long endurance runs because sometimes some Jay-Z can get your body moving.

Do you follow any specific health regimen?
I am an omnivore, and I try to eat from all major food groups. I do have some guidelines, but I don’t follow any diet in particular. I like to stay away from simple carbs (whole-wheat for me please!) and I don’t let any chips/sweets in my apartment. Not to say that I eat healthy ALL the time. If I want a burger, I get a burger; if I want fried mozzarella sticks and a slice of pizza at 2AM, then I get it. You just can’t do it all the time. Need to carbo load somehow :)

What about cross-training?
I love doing Bikram, but running and hot yoga don’t necessarily go hand in hand. Still, I love both, so I do both. During the summer, I ride my bike around the city as well as spin classes at my local gym and SoulCycle. The best cross-training is swimming though, but unfortunately my gym does not have a pool. I’ll be joining some sort of pool membership soon though as I am now registered for my first triathlon in August 2014.

This sounds cool. How do I sign up?
When looking for a run, I usually hit up these websites:

  • nyrr.org (for NYC folks, or those interested in getting guaranteed entry to the NYC Marathon)
  • runningintheusa.com (look up any length race in any state at any time!)
  • halfmarathons.net (good resource for half marathons)
  • active.com (another great resource for runs and other athletic events)

As always, email me with any questions! I’d love to answer them.
<;3 the girl who runs


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