Hi! My name is Jenina and I am a twenty-something living / working / exercising in NYC. I blog mainly about fitness, but I try to write about life in general. I was always active growing up, but I wasn’t always a runner, which I think helps those who are just starting off. You don’t have to be a runner your whole life to run a marathon, I promise. And if you ever have any questions, please check out my Q&A and shoot over a question at jenina@thegirlwhoruns.com.

These past two years have been big for me, with 2012 being the kicker. I ran my first marathon – the Boston Marathon – by running with the Marathon Strides Against MS Team and raised over $6,000. I attempted to run the NYC Marathon later that year [received my guaranteed entry through the “try 3 times and fail and get in the 4th automatically”], joining as a supporter for the Race Against MS Team, but ended up running Philly when NYC was cancelled. In 2013, I decided to enter the NYC Marathon again (I was given the option due to the prior year’s cancellation), thereby completing my third marathon.

I have truly been blessed with an amazing support system! (Just take a look at some of the pictures below) I also try to give back in every way possible, whether it’s as simple as being a Race Buddy through the NYRR, making lattes at Housingworks Bookstore Cafe, or serving meals at the Bowery Mission.


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