running on your commute or commuting on your run?

Sometimes people are discouraged by marathon training because of the difficulty of fitting in longer runs during the week. As I progress in the Hal Higdon schedule, I find myself in the 7-8 mile zone on some weekdays. Doable, but requires getting up extra early. To help cut back some time, I decided to incorporate a run as my form of commuting to work. I’ve included some tips below if you’re curious as to how this works.

If you opt to run instead of taking the subway / train / bus, you will need to take some extra time to plan. Also may not be as simple if you do not have a local gym nearby your office; luckily my gym is in my office building so this is not an issue.

Decide what day you are going to run and then pack for it two days in advance. For example, I did a long run this past Thursday and knew that I would something right after work so needed to plan accordingly.

On Tuesday, I packed work clothes (don’t forget undergarments!), a purse to use after work on Thursday (maybe another set of clothes if the event requires), and some extra snacks that I wouldn’t have at my desk (I knew I’d be even hungrier after this workout!).

Wednesday, I brought my bag to the office and then left it in my gym so I’d be able to change immediately the next morning. If this isn’t an option, consider leaving with the security guard or speaking with the staff at your gym about keeping it there overnight.

Something to consider: there are things you bring to work that you come home with on a daily basis, e.g. phone, wallet, books. Leave at work what you can so that you won’t miss it the next day. For the essentials, use either a running belt or backpack.

My go to is this nifty running back from lululemon that I’ve had for years now. You can pick something up similar from your local running store or sporting goods store.


Do you run/commute to work? How often? How do you prepare for the runs, or do you just figure it out on the day?


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