getaway to tokyo: tour guide edition

I spent a week in Tokyo leading up to the marathon, and am sharing my itinerary for anyone interested. I did the first few days on my own, and then ended up meeting with the Marathon Tours group. Links are included for most places, but if you have any questions, feel free to shoot them over! :)

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17th: Welcome to Tokyo!

Late afternoon:   Arrive in Tokyo. Find shuttle bus to Tokyo Center
Evening:               Get dinner at Tokyo Ramen Street / Rokunrinsha
Late evening:       Subway to Nui Hostel


4:00 AM:            Wake up and take cab to Tsukiji Fish Market
Breakfast:           Sushi at Sushi Dai
Afternoon:          Shopping in Ginza (similar to NYC”s Fifth Ave)
Late afternoon:  Take ferry to Hama-rikyu Orishi-teien;
Have tea at Nakajima no Ochaya
Evening:              Dinner at soba restaurant (in Ginza)


Morning:            Tokyo Disneyland!
Late afternoon: Roppongi Hills: Mori Art Museum (10:00-22:00)
Early evening:   Sunset –>Tokyo City View / Mori Art Museum
Evening:             Dinner at Butagumi (tonkatsu – fried pork)

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20th: Meetup with Marathon Group

Morning:           Asakusa: Tokyo Sky Tree (opens at 8) / Sensoji Temple
Daytime:           Harijuku / Shibuya Crossing
Omotesando Koffee (Shibuya)
Afternoon:         Switch to Keio Plaza to meet up with marathon tour group
Lunch at Kosyuichiba (dumpling ramen soup)
Evening:            Marathon Tour Group reception

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 21st: City Tour and Expo Visit

Morning:            Bus tour of city
Late afternoon: Marathon Expo at Tokyo Big Sight
Evening:             Dinner at Kyoraku-tei

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22nd: 4K Friendship Run, Free Day & Pasta Dinner

Morning:          International Friendship Run (4K)
Afternoon:        Shopping in Roppongi
Evening:           Pasta Dinner at Salvatore Cuomo


Morning:          TOKYO MARATHON!
Afternoon:        Shopping at Odakyu
Evening:           Drinks in Park Hyatt Tokyo at Peak Lounge
Late evening:   Drinks / food at sake bar (sake + yakitori)

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 24th: Return home

Morning:           Yoyogi Park / Meiji Shrine / Shopping in Shibuya (Burberry Blue /
Black Label –> Japan exclusive)
Afternoon:        Lunch at Ippudo / Coffee at Sarutahiko Coffee

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