how i love my fitbit… let me count the ways

I’ve had my Fitbit for almost two weeks now and I am still obsessed with it. Maybe it hasn’t been long enough, but I do see myself enjoying it for some time in the future. Many of you have received one for Christmas and are either super excited or thinking what in the world am I going to do with this thing. It was never really my intention to purchase one, but I kept reading all this mumbo jumbo about how amazing they are and how they help you stay motivated, and I thought… I’m a runner, I’m going to be active regardless, why do I need this thing. However, now owning my Fitbit, I didn’t realize how easy it was for me to become very lazy and complacent with my position on the couch :)

After reading countless articles about it, I came home one day to one of my roommates fiddling with her new toy – a Fitbit Flex. She told me she had also talked to numerous people and received a rundown of the advantages and disadvantages of each major brand: Fitbit, Jawbone, and Nike, ultimately choosing the Fitbit. That very same day I came to the same conclusion – I liked that the Flex automatically syncs to my phone and computer, tracks my sleep, and resists water (or in the company’s terms is “rain, splash, and sweat proof”). Jawbone’s Up was a really close second due to the fact the battery would last longer (10 days vs 5 days, double the amount of the Flex), but I know myself and know I will not be disciplined to connect it all the time, and plus it doesn’t connect to your computer. The Up is prettier though, but looks only get you so far. More importantly though, the fact that you can add friends on Fitbit was the main driver – friendly competition with my roomie? Sounds like a plan.

The interface really isn’t too advanced, but I don’t know what more you need. People also say it isn’t that accurate, but I think it’s great to use as a general gauge for your activity levels. I know the days I will be working out will be more active, and the days I won’t… well Fitbit will laugh at me. Here are some screenshots of the fitness app:


yay decent day!


Day off on Christmas, clearly :)


I’m pretty good about getting my beauty rest, until I decide to be silly and stay out all night


For some bizarre reason, I am more restless at my parent’s home than I am in my NYC apartment — do I need noise to fall asleep?

I’ve really had some fun with the app and I do think it keeps me motivated. You can track your food and diet, and it can create a calorie intake model to compare to your activities, which is great for those looking to cut back. Fitbit also has a premium option which I am considering trying for free, offering a fitness coach and more analyzed reports of your activities and sleep.

Do you have a fitness tracker? Do you find it useful and what do you like the most about it, or if new to the community, what are you looking forward to the most?


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