run… snow or shine

I’m in week 4 of training (training now posted!) and it’s officially winter in NYC, which somehow translates to crazy weather. Two days ago it was 60/70 degrees, today was 50, and tomorrow will be back to the cold, cruel 30s, with even the possibility of snow flurries. What is this madness? 

I’ve been spending most of my training runs on the treadmill (don’t yell at me!); it’s just been easier with the varied weather and darker morning and nights. I have made the promise of doing at least one run outside during the week, with the goal of 2 outdoor runs to make sure I don’t spoil my knees of the better running conditions.

Last week however, I did brave the snowy weather and ice using a pair of yaktrax that have been anxiously awaiting to be used! They were really easy to put on, they just snap right on like rubber bands (that is, really impressive and useful rubber bands).  I did a 14-miler in them and had no problems. My shoes didn’t feel any heavier, and the coil system made me feel comfortable and protected. The parts where the snow had melted felt a little funny, but I just jumped onto the snow and felt much better. For $30, you really can’t beat the protection. Who wants to slip and fall and potentially ruin a training schedule? Not me.




What special gear, if any, do you use during the winter? Do you spend most of your time indoors on the treadmill or continue doing all your runs outside?


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