post-marathon recovery

My legs are feeling antsy. I want to run but I know I shouldn’t. Hal Higdon as always is a great resource, and is usually one of my first checks before I plan anything. I may not do everything he recommends, but he provides a great skeleton of what a training plan should look like. Here are his recommendations for what he calls “Zero Week” of Post-Marathon recovery:

Monday:  Rest
Tuesday: Rest (get a massage – you deserve it!)
Wednesday:  Rest (seriously, I’m dying)
Thursday: Light jog (mileage depends on your experience, if it was your first do 2, if you’ve done a few maybe do 3-5 miles)
Friday: Cross-train (I have spinning at Revolve reserved already, wahoo!)
Saturday: 2 to 3 miles
Sunday: 6 to 8 miles

As far as how I’m feeling, Monday wasn’t too bad and I opted for a deep-tissue massage that night.Tuesday when I woke up I was feeling pretty tight; stairs and bending over were the enemy. Today I’m feeling pretty good, there’s bounce to my step and I’m even wearing little booties.
For the next month, I’ll follow his advanced schedule, which is similar to the intermediate, just that it integrates speed workouts.

Post-Marathon Training
How are you feeling post-marathon? Do you jump back into running or do you hold off for even longer?

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