my nyc marathon experience

I think I’m still recovering from the marathon. Obviously physically, but more intensely mentally. Somehow I can’t happen to wrap my brain around what went wrong. Okay, so I’m being dramatic. I finished the NYC Marathon in 4:29:06, which isn’t awful, but just wasn’t where I was expecting to be considering I ran Philly a year before in 4:12:24, almost 20 minutes faster. I can’t pinpoint a reason, but here are a few possibilities:

  • At this time last year I had already trained for Boston in the Spring, and was ready to do NYC but was given two extra weeks of taper given the hurricane
  • The NYC course is more challenging than Philly
  • Strong winds on marathon day
  • I didn’t train as hard as I thought

I’ll stop beating myself up eventually, but I just feel like I would be lying if I said it was a great marathon. I simply found NYC to be very challenging. When I thought I was starting off slow, I eventually realized it was what I was going to be doing the whole time instead.

But really, you can never take away someone’s experience in this race. It is amazing and breathtaking.





And hey, I did what I could and finished like a champ :)



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