hell week over

I don’t think I’ve ever posted about my experiences with Barry’s Bootcamp. Let me start by saying that it’s not for everyone. Not because it’s too difficult (it is VERY challenging), but more because not everyone likes to get yelled at while working out. I personally don’t find it offensive, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some did. There are two locations in NYC: Tribeca and Chelsea. Since the Tribeca location is on my way to work, I’ve only been able to make my way over there.

Like most NYC studios, the classes aren’t cheap. Each one is $34, with discounts as you purchase more. Every month, they have an academy program where you attend class every day (Monday through Friday) at the same time for four weeks. On the months that have an extra Monday, they also offer hell week, which is the same idea, Monday through Friday, at the same time. More recently, they started offering a silver membership, which allows you to make your own personal hell week or month since the timing is flexible and you are given more classes in the same time period (8 classes within 7 days, 40 classes within 30 days).


Each day has a different theme:

Monday: Arms & Abs
Butt & Legs
Wednesday: Chest, Back & Abs
Thursday: Hard Core Abs
Friday: Full Body
Saturday/Sunday: Full Body

I usually go before work at 7:10am and the instructors are Rebecca Kennedy and Courtney Paul. They are both equally as awesome, but have different styles. I have also been to Patrick Frost and Mr. Barry Jay himself. I haven’t been disappointed so far.

So I guess the question is does it work?

When you are lacking motivation, yes, I think it’s a great way to kickstart your training. You do a mix of cardio and strength: 10-15 minutes on the treadmill, then 10-15 minutes on the floor, and then back and forth until your hour is up. I would never have the discipline on my own to lift as much or run as fast on the treadmill (although I do think it can be a little dangerous for those not used to running 10.0mph+). I love the atmosphere which is one of the main reasons I go back.

What studios do you frequent in NYC? Do you prefer a bootcamp-style workout or do you have your own routine?


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