got my [gfree] drink and my two step

Being that I like beer, going g-free was a little worrisome at first. I mean what 20-something isn’t going out for happy hour or some networking reception? Luckily, a lack of gluten hasn’t been that big of a deal for my social life.

Although you can’t have your Sam or Blue Moon after work, I have found some great alternatives, in addition to your normal wines and spirits.

For the record, there is still some debate on whether certain alcohols are truly gluten free. If you think of your gins, vodkas, and rye whiskeys, you should know they are made via fermenting wheat, barley, or rye, which should make you believe drinking wouldn’t be ok. However, because these spirits are distilled, the idea is that all gluten is removed in the distillation process. A friend of mine has celiac disease, and he drinks vodka and whiskey and has not had an issue. But everyone is different so I don’t recommend stocking your liquor cabinet just yet. You know your body best.

Wines, on the other hand, are pretty safe. I mean it’s just grapes right? If you have a serious sensitivity though, make sure you touch base with the manufacturers to confirm, as well as double-check whether the barrels which stored the wine  are also gluten-free (seriously, who would have thought!)

And well beer, yea, that’s a no-go. Don’t be discouraged though! There are several g-free beers out there. I went to Whole Foods a few weeks ago and asked one the employees for his recommendations.

After going through my options, I left with the first pack New Grist (and of course a brownie mix). A few days later, a friend checked out  Good Beer in our hood (an awesome place to go beer shopping), and they told him they had 7 beers but their most popular was sold out. The employee also mentioned it was one of his favorite beers in general. Can’t wait to try it out!
What are your favorite beers / drinks? Also, any baking mixes you’d recommend? ;)

2 responses to “got my [gfree] drink and my two step

  1. Glad to hear New Grist is tasty. I like RedBridge (it’s made by Budweiser). Si the There are some great ciders as well. Especially pure and crisp tasting is Harpoon. So far of GF mixes, I recommend Bob’s brownie mix, Hodgson Mills Cornbread and Yellow Cake mixes (had the latter for my bday).

    • Yum, cornbread mix! I have been craving something new, I will definitely check that out. I recently tried Estrella Damma Daura and that tasted just like a beer! It has a very small gluten content but its acceptable for celiacs actually, you should look into if you haven’t heard of it!

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