lent 2013: you got this

At church this week, the pastor gave a really inspiring homily on what lent is about – sacrifice and personal development. He presented an idea to us: instead of doing what most people do and giving up one thing, add and take away one thing relating to your mind, body and spirit. Referring to the mind, the pastor said perhaps you should give up reality tv and start watching the news instead. I really liked this idea. So here is my game plan for 2013:

Mind – add: daily news reading / take away: negativity aka complaining
Body – add: daily exercise (clearly I’ve been in a lull) / take away gluten
Spirit – add: daily bible reading / take away: swearing

Now, maybe you missed it or maybe you didn’t, but I decided I’m giving up gluten. For some reason, it didn’t seem like such an awful idea to me. I asked two friends for advice (both live gluten-free lives) and I now feel a little better about the process. I was warned:
  1. You will lose a lot of weight the first few weeks
  2. You will crave everything

Sounds like what normally happens when you deny your body something. I decided gluten-free because for the most part,I eat a well-balanced diet. I eat my vegetables, healthy carbs, and protein, and I don’t eat sweets on a daily basis. So I decided to really make a sacrifice and I think gluten was the best idea I had.

Some interesting things I’ve learned so far in one day (all random of course):

  • Most brands of soy sauce contain wheat
  • Oats in their purest form are gluten-free, but most oats end up being contaminated by wheat
  • Buckwheat is a fruit, not a type of wheat

If anything, I think I could learn a lot from this experience. I quickly googled and found Gluten-Free Living but am looking for more resources so please keep me posted!

Any suggestions / recipes for those new to a gluten-free lifestyle? Have you recently cut any foods from your life?


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