another day at the wheel

Today I checked out the brand new SoulCycle studio in NoHo. This is super exciting news because it’s now the closest studio to me; it’s less than a mile away so it’s a quick walk or run. At this point, it’s hard to judge a brand new studio because they are always nice and shiny, and the NoHo Soul stays true to that point. It’s a large space, though most of the hallways are narrow so it can be hard to maneuver around the people waiting for class, but definitely a good spot.

I recently started toying with the idea of becoming an instructor. I signed up a few days ago just because I was curious, but I am not ready to make the full-time commitment. However, I do like thinking of what songs I would use for an audition :) I think it would be such a blast, but i seriously need to start spinning on the reg so I know what style I would like to exhibit. Maybe one day :)

As for now, I’m on my way to Boston for the weekend. I’m stoked because the hotel I booked has a 24-hour gym and in indoor heated pool and steam / sauna room. Probably won’t need all of the above but it’s nice to have! I even brought a yoga mat to do some stretches in the morning. Go Jenina go!


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