here’s to the new year

Happy New Years folks! I decided to start the day off right by going to a spinning class. I can’t say it was exactly my idea — I was on the twittersphere and saw a post from Revolve, the new spin studio in town.

ImageI figured why not, and roped a friend into my brilliant idea. By the time we came around to registering, the 12:30 and 5:30 were out so we signed up for the 10:30. A little early for New Years Day but it was a reason to get up early and start the year off right.

I was greeted by a friendly lady when I first walked in and was impressed with the facilities. They have really cute gear which is always a plus. The locker rooms are downstairs and are co-ed; there are separate men’s and women’s restroom / shower / changing areas. The actual spinning room is pretty big; they’ve managed to fit in 50 bikes and I’m guessing since it was the 10:30 class people didn’t try to hard to get out bed. Regardless, the music was great and the instructor Dyan was awesome! We attended the real ride class so there were no weights involved, but they do have monitors for those interested in their RPMS.

After going to SoulCycle and Flywheel, I realize that each studio offers something different. SoulCycle offers exactly what’s in its name, an experience for the soul. I feel calm and relaxed and I do leave feeling revived. On the other hand, Flywheel gives me that competitive edge that I sometimes need. I like knowing how I compare to others, I like to see that number increase and work towards it. This was my first class at Revolve, but it seems to fit nicely in the middle. I definitely would go back to get a better feel for the rest of the team. They have an awesome offer of $99 for your intro month — 30 days unlimited. What a steal!

At some point I’ll have to commit and pick one, but I love having options. I also need to buy spinning shoes already.

Do you have a favorite studio? What brings you back every time?


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