the old jenina would have done it.

A few years ago, a group of my silly friends started a joke called “the old so-and-so would have done it.” They would say this in reference to any time one of the bros would decide to have an “easy” night by not taking a shot of liquor, shotgunning a beer, or some other obnoxious task. Or, they would simply say it just to be jackasses when they wanted someone to do something for them.

Tonight I had one of those moments.

To say I’ve been lazy these past few weeks would be an understatement. I’ve rarely worked out and have been coming up with every excuse as to why I can’t go on a run. A colleague told me I was in a marathon depression. Perhaps, or perhaps I am just truly being lazy. Either way, I printed out a half-marathon schedule a few days ago to try to inspire myself. Two days went by and I did nothing. I finally did a run yesterday and knew I had to do one today but then again, I started looking for excuses. “It’s too cold,” I complained. “It’s too dark, it’s probably not safe,” I reasoned. My roommate looked at me and said, “This is coming from the girl who ran during the blackout of Hurricane Sandy with a headlamp on.” I thought to myself, crap, the old Jenina would have done it. So I decided to man up, and prepare for my 6 mile run scheduled for today. I went home, put on my leggings, wind jacket, neck warmer, gloves, and ear warmer and headed out with some tunes. I could feel myself running fast, but it wasn’t until I got back that I realized I ended up doing 7 miles at an 8:50 pace. Not bad for an almost deserted run.

I think the old Jenina is back. :)


The Williamsburg Bridge during Hurricane Sandy. You’ll notice the Manhattan side is not lit. Yes, I did a nighttime run through Manhattan with a headlamp on. #winner


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