what i wore: philly marathon edition

A 40 degree marathon? I’ll take it. This time around, I was pretty lulu’d out in terms of accessories :) Honestly though, money well spent.

  • Lululemon Run A Marathon Crop ($88 – no longer available) – absolutely amazing in terms of storage. Similar to the shorts worn for the Boston, the crops had two pockets up front which both held a GU packet, I put two in the back zipper pocket, as well as additional GU in the long side pockets with jelly beans and honey stingers. I also kept vaseline and tissues just in case!
  • Race to Stop MS Singlet – I loved that my name came printed on it! Nice and big letters.
  • Lululemon Swiftly Arm Warmers ($32) – I had to go to my local Lululemon store to pick these up. They only had the medium/large size but I wanted them so badly so I got them anyway. I’m almost positive they’re just a tad bit looser and longer, but they stayed up the whole time for me so I wouldn’t worry about the size.
  • Lululemon Brisk Run Ear Warmer (no longer available online)
  • NYC Marathon tee – the one provided to all runners. Of course mine was a bigger size than I ordered, but I wanted to wear it as a top layer
  • NYC neck warmer – or at least that’s what I used it as. This item was also included in our runner bag
  • Brooks Ravenna 3

Keepers from last time (you can refer back to what I wore for Boston here):

  • Cheap gloves – a pair the Asics team gave out for free during the Boston, I don’t know why I didn’t throw them out during the last one, but got another use out of them!
  • NorthFace Better Than Naked Hat
  • Smartwool Socks

How the weather played out: Right at the start I could tell I was going to get warm pretty quickly. So I kept by bib pinned on top to the NYC tee, and then repinned the bottom to my singlet so I wouldn’t have to deal with pinning myself if I decided to switch it over. By mile 3, I threw the gloves off. I also decided to take my NYC tee off and tie it around my waist. By mile 6 I took off my ear warmer band and wrapped it around my wrist. The neck warmer came off after the half-marathon point, but for some reason I couldn’t just throw it out so I wrapped it around my other wrist. Sidenote: what I really love about arm warmers is the ability to pull them up and down depending on if I’m feeling cold or hot. I really recommend them for similar temperatures.

What did you wear for the cool temperature? Anything you wish you had worn instead?


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