donate & celebrate, go on a date!

Let’s get back to the basics: fundraising. I joined the Race to Stop MS Team as a supporter so my fundraising minimum is $1,500 this round, which is a lot less stressful than the $4,000 earlier this year. Although I wish I could carry over the extra money raised from the last race (I raised $6,100 for the MS team in Boston!), it’s a lot of fun to get people excited to make a difference. However, I wanted to be even more creative this time around by hosting an event. So here is my first attempt! “Donate & Celebrate, Go On a Date” I’ll be doing a silent auction, an idea I got from a fellow runner who happened to attend one last month. I’ll be doing it primarily online, and was able to leverage off a Yelper’s page. This is the plan:

The Official Rules:

  1. Auction opens at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, September 10th
  2. Opening bid is a minimum of $25.00.
    Please bid in increments of $5.00.
    You may bid on more than one auctionee! It means you may WIN more than one auctionee!
  3. Bids are directly sent to me via email / message / DM and remain confidential.
    Subject should read: ‘Auction Bid – person’s name — bidding amount’
  4. I will periodically update my website to show the bids for each auctionee.
  5. I will post the winner’s NAME and the winning AMOUNT for each volunteer on the date auction “review”.
  6. Winning bidders must make a direct donation for the winning amount by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, September 17th or else forfeit to the next highest bidder.
  7. Donations can be made at my Race to Stop Multiple Sclerosis website:
    * All donations are 100% Tax Deductible! *
  8. The winning bidder and auctionee make their own arrangements for their date / hang out. The date will be a public place that is agreed upon by BOTH parties.
  9. Rules for paying for the date:
    If the winning bid is $100 or over, the auctioned pays.
    If the winning bid is $99 and under, the bidder pays!
  10. Auction bidding will close at 5 p.m. on Friday, September 14th.

I’ll post the details as I develop more, and I plan to work on the website with the profiles this weekend. So excited!!!


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