life on the raw side

After I finished my juice cleanse last Friday, I decided to stick close to the post-cleanse plan and try a raw diet the following day. Saturday I woke up and had my first meal: strawberries and mangoes :) It was nice to get that chewing motion, but like my co-worker had mentioned, the hardest part was swallowing. It felt like my food was moving so slowly through my throat, and it took me some time to sit and eat my “breakfast;” I also had some green tea since I was nervous to jump back into coffee. For a snack, I cut up some cucumbers and radishes and ate them alongside hummus. At this point, I was starting to really enjoy the taste of food again.

I invited my bestie out for lunch, and we decided to check out a place known for its raw / vegan food, Quitessence. It has a great rep on Yelp! (my go-to for food choices) and a pretty extensive menu [check it out at], so we took our walk through the village. We both went with the Buddha Bowl (mixed greens, kale, tomato, cucumber, sunflower sprouts, and onion). I had been drinking kale for days in my juices, but never realized what it was like as a vegetable! It’s pretty tough and chewy, but tasty. The salad was amazing, and I chose the lemon dressing which was yummy! Some tables around us ordered some cool looking meals, but I have to admit I was a little intimidated. Who would have thought a diet of uncooked fresh vegetables was actually more than that! I definitely plan to return and recommend anyone take a visit even if you’re not a vegan / raw foodie.

Although I wanted to try out the desserts there, I decided I wanted to check out a raw bakery. Tucked away from Union Square, there’s a place called One Lucky Duck. It has the same owners as Pure Food and Wine, another raw restaurant, but is a take-out place for some goodies. We both went with the lemon bar (almond coconut crust, tart lemon custard) and I was surprised by how tasty it was. They also had food and smoothies, but like I said I wanted something sweet. However, I have to say I was shocked by how expensive it was. I spent $20 on 2 lemon bars and tea — probably my only turnoff from a raw diet. Since everything has to be extremely fresh, it seems that comes with a price tag. Not to mention how difficult it must be to “bake” raw goods. I’d still say check it out though, maybe get some of the orreos or gingersnap cookies!

[In my search for this picture, I found a great resource for those interested in organic food / diets. Check out livingmaxwell, I’m obsessed!]

For years I’ve opposed a vegan lifestyle, but I definitely think raw / vegan isn’t all that bad. I’m thinking I’ll do a raw diet for a week once every few months now that I know my body is totally functional and is actually a little better off!

Do eat a raw diet? If so, for how long? What made you decide to make the switch?


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  1. I am pretty confused at my end I have been on liquid diet few times (generally after having high cal food on weekends) and want to go on raw diet as well. How should I plan this and for how long we need to continue with it for health benefits?

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