day four of cleanse: almost over!

Lesson I learned today: you cannot bring your BPC bottles into a bar. I had no intentions of doing so, but I was at a charity fundraiser for a friend, and the loving bf picked up my supply for tomorrow and wasn’t allowed to bring them inside. He told me about the conversation he had with the bouncer which I found very humorous: “Look, my girlfriend is in the middle of a cleanse and these are very expensive juice bottles. I don’t want to drink them, they’re not good to mix with, and she’s not going to drink them tonight because this is all she’s having to eat tomorrow. ” I laugh thinking about how ridiculous that must have sounded, but eventually the bouncer spoke with his manager, and then they put my bottles in the fridge :) Luckily for me, I had my sixth bottle tucked away in my bag, so I was able to drink it while everyone was sipping on their alcohol. Definitely a first for me. But it was a great conversation starter – someone told me it looked like I was drinking a white russian! Others asked how I was coping with the lack of food. A few even wanted me to forward them the information!

Like I mentioned yesterday, the food cravings cease to exist. The server was bringing all kinds of greasy food to the back room for the event, which I would have loved any other day, but I really didn’t budge.

All in all, I feel super energized / alert / awake / etc / etc! I’m looking forward to the last day and can’t wait to bring back some solid food; I miss chewing. One of my co-workers who finished the 3-day cleanse didn’t necessarily follow the path to ease into eating. He had watermelon for breakfast, and then carrots an hour later, and then chicken and rice for lunch. I asked him at the end of the day if he ever felt sick, and he said no, that the hardest part was just swallowing solid food. I thought that was interesting since there’s such a push to eat carefully, but I could imagine everyone’s stomach will handle the food differently. I’ll probably try to play it safe on Saturday, but I think I’m definitely going to do my long run on Sunday now, so maybe I’ll try out pasta on Saturday… we shall see.

If you’ve done a cleanse, did you bother easing back into food or did you stick to the fruit / veggie diet at first? How did your stomach handle solid foods?


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