day five of cleanse: as new as can be

Sipping on my last drink of my five-day cleanse!  Seems crazy that I’ve only been drinking juices for five days now. Everyone at work came up to me today asking what I was going to eat this weekend. It’s pretty funny because I haven’t really even thought about it. I have some fruit and vegetables ready for tomorrow. I’m thinking mangoes and strawberries for breakfast?

Because I’m a huge dork, I decided to take a look at all the bottles I was drinking all day. My teammates and I had discussed how healthy the juices actually could be and since I was working late, I figured why not type up the nutritional facts? [click on it so you can actually read the numbers!]

True, there’s a lot of sugar, but since it’s all natural, I assume that’s ok? I know 40g is the recommended max for added sugars, but these sugars are from fruits and vegetables which means they don’t count (no seriously, not me making that up). 180 grams does seem excessive, however I’m not a nutritionist so take what you want out of the label. You can read more about sugar content on the Livestrong website on “Recommended Daily Allowance of Sugar.”

Everyone I speak to seems really impressed that I did it for so long, but I really think anyone can do it. I’ll admit, cleansing is very difficult the first day and a half in comparison to how I’m feeling now. If you have any questions about the cleanse, shoot me an email at

On another note, I decided to postpone my long run until Sunday so I can attempt to have a semi-normal diet tomorrow. I’ll let you know how my stomach handles the food!


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