day three of cleanse: free as can be!

I feel like the energizer bunny right now. This morning I woke up craving a green juice. That’s right, CRAVING, a green juice. I guess when you’re drinking six juices a day, anything sounds good.

The other food cravings have stopped. You can say “cheeseburger cheeseburger” as many times as you’d like and I wouldn’t budge. For my co-workers that are on the three-day cleanse, I know they are ready  for food tomorrow. However, just how I eased into the cleanse by laying off meat, coffee, and dairy the few days before, I’ll need to slowly build back up my appetite; I tried warning them to do the same! I’m still worried how easing back into food will play out this weekend since I have a long run scheduled for Saturday morning. I’m thinking maybe I should do it on Sunday just in case, but  I would hate to miss a team run so early in the program. Still debating.

Seriously though, I feel like I could go for a serious run right now. I went to an express spin class at lunch for 30 minutes and then did a short ab class after. A fellow cleanser came to the class with me, and she felt fine to work out too. Even tonight, I left work at 6, went to 2 meetings, got out at 9:30 and then decided to walk to Grand Central from Port Authority. AND I’M NOT TIRED! WEEEEEE!

I received my second shipment tonight from BPC to finish up the next two days. From a three-day cleanse perspective thus far, I highly recommend looking into a cleanse if you’ve been skeptical. I’ll admit, the first two days are hard, but once you get past the mid-way point of Day 2, it’s smooth sailing.

What’s the longest you’ve done a juice cleanse? What kind of exercise did you do while on the cleanse?


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