day two of cleanse: double the fun!

Alright, day two and I’m feeling pretty good. I have to admit, I was not looking forward to my first juice: GREEN. The green juice contains romaine, celery, cucumber, apple, spinach, kale, parsley, lemon, and ginger. On any other day, I may consider getting my greens that way, but as a twice a day juice, it just wasn’t what I wanted this morning. I packed all my juices up in the morning to bring to work.

I love that BPC gives you a little cooler bag, it is perfect for my commute to work!

Anyway, here’s when I ended up drinking the juices:

1 – 9:15
2 – 11:00
3 – 1:30
4 – 4:30
5 – 6:00
6 – 8:30

So a few things. First, my teammates at work are also doing the cleanse, so we have constantly had people come up to us asking if we are hungry. Honestly, I haven’t been hungry, which I’m surprised about myself. I’ve actually felt pretty energized. Second, I was able to get in two solid workouts today. The first one was forced on myself. Our floor ordered pizza, and I knew I couldn’t be around pizza so I left right when the pizza arrived and went to the gym downstairs and spent 35 minutes on the bike. Not a problem! Tonight I also had my first training run with JackRabbit  Sports. I didn’t bring my watch with me but it was about 5-6 miles in Central Park. Although I was able to do the run, I’ll admit I don’t think I was at my peak. It could have been the fact it was 93 degrees, but I’m sure it was some sort of combination of the heat and juice diet. Who knows. But I’m back at my apartment, sipping on the cashew milk, which is a great after-run drink with its carbs and protein :) I think I’ll be ok!


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