day one of cleanse: success!

One more juice left until the day is over. I have to admit today was pretty rough. I’m not sure whether it was because it was Monday, the fact that I kept waking up in the middle of the night, the lack of coffee, or just simply the lack of solid food, but man am I tired! My co-worker told me day one was the worst and by drink two on day two he was feeling great. So let’s hope for the kick tomorrow!

I started my morning with some hot water and lemon as advised by the BPC folks. I love their emails! They keep you informed and motivated by sending an email pre-cleanse and one on the morning of your cleanse :)


I then had my first juice: the green juice! It definitely tasted fresh but I can’t say I’m used to having salad in the morning. The bf told me I had old salad breath. Meanie!


I then proceeded to drink at the following times:
1 – 8:15 (green)
2 – 10:15 (gold — pineapple, apple, mint)
3 – 3:15 (green)
4 – 4:15 (spicy lemonade — yum!)
5 – 6:30 (carrot, apple, beet… ehh)
6 – 8:30 (cashew milk — sipping it now, delicious!!)

Why such a long gap from drink 2 to drink 3? I got swamped at work and then decided I needed to work out my anxiety by hitting the gym downstairs. I’m sure you’re wondering how that went considering I was only on two juices. It actually wasn’t that bad; I did Dr. Metzl’s iron-athlete workout and as much as I’d like to blame it on the juice, I’m just not very strong and need to keep working hard. So no worries so far about being able to workout!

Like I said before, I’m not sure which factor is driving my sleepiness. It really could be all of the above, so I’ll see tomorrow!


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