juice me up baby

On Monday, I will be starting my first juice cleanse ever! I’ve been wanting to do one for awhile, ever since a co-worker did a five-day cleanse and swears he was more energized than ever! He convinced the rest of the team to start one so after months of putting it off, we finally stepped up to the plate.

Juice cleanses are a little controversial, and at the cost, I can see why people are turned off (BPC was $65 a day). Luckily, there was a fourth of July sale, so i was able to order a cleanse for 20% off! Plus, it’s free delivery in NYC. Hey, you only live once :)

More importantly though, I’d love to go into my training feeling completely refreshed and remove all the awful toxins in my system. I’m doing a level 1 Renovation from BluePrintCleanse; it’s basically the beginner level, the more green bottles in your daily cleanse, the tougher it is. I just got my reminder email this morning and I am so pumped! Because I’ll be on a liquid diet for five days, they suggest starting to phase out a lot of foods, such as coffee, sugar, meat, and dairy. I have no idea what I’m going to do without coffee for the next week! I think I may die! I’ll be updating my blog daily so you can read about how I’m handling this craziness, and then you can decide for yourself whether it’s something you’d want to try out.

Have you done a juice cleanse before? If so, which one? On the other hand, do you think juice cleanses are pointless? What would you recommend instead?


2 responses to “juice me up baby

  1. BPC is amazing! I have cleansed several times with them before and always feel like a million bucks. Good luck on your cleanse! Def drink lots of water and be sure to ease in and out of the cleanse – it will make the cleanse easier on your system. I can’t wait to hear how yours goes!

    • That’s awesome! I’ve only heard good things so I’m glad you love it too. Just finished day 1 and I’m feeling good so far :)

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