welcome to the gun show

Hey, so anyone notice how hot it is outside? Yea, me too. I decided to take my workout inside today; I did an easy three-mile jog on the treadmill at lunch and then started craving another workout, so I figured I’d do something at home. Fitness Mag is my go-to for any workouts, so I decided to work on my arms and shoulders.

It took me some time to find a good workout; for some reason, the website decided to post workouts with stability and medicine balls. Hellooo, I live in NYC, I do NOT have room to have a stability ball rolling around. I do have a pair of 5-pound dumbbells which I think everyone should keep around; I would recommend 3-5 pounds for most to allow for quick, light sets.

Although fitnessmagazine.com is great, the layout isn’t the easiest to navigate when you’re getting ready to workout. Instead of having everything on one page, it makes you click through each slide (for obvious advertisement reasons). I ended up choosing Ben Harper’s  “The Right to Bare Arms” which was totally awesome.

Here’s the workout in a nutshell. Make sure to check out the link for more detailed instructions, including pictures and video. (I’ve indicated below whether you need 1 or 2 dumbbells for each move)

  1. Dead-lift row (2) – Straight back bending forward, arms hanging, touching the floor. Rise up and pull weights up to chest for 16. Then, from the floor, pull weights up to the ceiling for 16. Make sure to keep a straight back!
  2. Weighted jump rope (2) – pretty straightforward, pretend you’re jumping a rope. Wish I had lighter weights for this move. Jump for 16 count.
  3. Pass under (1) – basically lunges! Keep one weight in your right arm, lunge forward with your right leg, and then pass the weight “under” your right [bent] knee to your left hand. Step back, and then lunge forward with your left leg and pass the weight “under” your left knee to your right hand and step back. That’s 1. Do 15 more for 16 count.
  4. Suitcase swing (1) – squat and with the weight in your right hand, zip your arm up like you’re swinging a suitcase as you stand up. Squat back down and repeat for a total of 16. Then switch sides. Then move on.
  5. Overhead press pulse (2) – Using both weights, make your arms look like a goal post and just lift up and down for 16.

That’s one set and takes about 5-7 minutes, depending how much time you rest in between. Do 2 sets for a nice quick arm workout!

What kind of equipment do you keep around the house for a rainy (or in this case, extremely warm) day? Do you have workouts you’d recommend that you’ve found keep you in shape?


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