“pushing feet closer to flight”

Sometimes the running gods listen, sometimes they don’t *cough, 90 degree Boston Marathon, cough*. I’ve been mainly spinning and doing yoga for the past week, mentally preparing for training to start again next month. I need to make a trip to JackRabbits to purchase some new kicks… it’s definitely time to say goodbye to these buckeroos:

From being an Asics girl for years now, these Mizunos treated me pretty well during the marathon. Highly recommend the Mizuno Wave Inspire 8, especially if you’re an overpronator like myself.

As I continue the debate for my next running shoe (I’m thinking I’ll need two pairs, one to kick off my training, one to actually run the NYC), the running gods told me about this awesome campaign Mizuno started called the Mezamashii Run Project. I watched this video last night and wanted to throw my shoes on and start running around the city:

I like where they are going with this. Mezamashii means eye-opening or brilliant in Japanese, and they are really paying tribute to those awesome runs that you tell all your friends and co-workers about during the day. You know those runs. You go out in the morning and come back so energized that you can’t help but tell people in the elevator, “I went for THE BEST run this morning.” Those ones. And they want to be the ones to help you do that, so Mizuno will be giving out shoes this year to help motivate you. I’d love to test them out seeing I’m in need of a pair … :) Check out the site at www.mizunorunningnews.com for more info.

I remember my best run. I was going for a long run near my parent’s house, and somehow decided to incorporate a section of a nearby park. I had never been in the park before; all I knew was that there were trails through the woods, but I decided to just figure it out as I went. At first, I was scared out of my mind that I’d get lost and never make it out of there, but after a while, I just felt like I was flying. It was amazing.

What was the best run you ever went on? How did it change your mindset for the day / week /  remaining of your training? 


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