make the pain go away

I think it’s safe to say when I’m not blogging, I’m probably not running. I should probably fix that. Hence, the post.

About a month after the marathon, I went out on my first run (I probably should have started a little earlier… but I thought I deserved a break). I started getting back into a weekly routine: two short runs, one speed training day, a tempo run, and a long run. Things were going great. I was also incorporating cross-training, doing barre classes as well as spinning. And then the day after a long run, I felt sore — a little too sore. I thought ok, I’ll do some yoga and take another day off. I thought I was fine and went to SoulCycle and then everything was downhill from there.

The pain: my right leg, upper calf / behind the knee. Not a pain “ouch” sensation, just an every now and then shock / tingling sensation. Strange I know, but not pleasant. I decided to take a break and didn’t run for two weeks.

Last week I started running again. The pain seemed to subside, and I haven’t had any real issues.  I ran in the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge (3.5M) and got 30:06. Eh, could have done better, but for not running in two weeks I guess it was ok. Just got me a little more motivated to step it up before training starts next month.

I have an appointment with a sports doc in a few weeks. A runner told me at work told me it would be useless since I’m feeling better, but I thought maybe it would be good for preventive measures?

When you are injured, do you see someone immediately or try to rest and let it heal normally? And if you do let it heal, do you assume you were just working out too much and that you’ll be ok? Love to hear your approach!


2 responses to “make the pain go away

  1. I had a similar feeling on the lower part of my calf in May and thought it was a stress fracture! It wasn’t. I’m really relieved about it. I took 14 days off, did a lot of cycling (Soul) and a few Bikram classes. Bikram really helped it…I am planning on keeping up that routine. Right now, running every other day and building a base of 8,12,16,20,24 and then starting marathon training for the Philly marathon.. Good luck and feel better!

    • That is such a relief! I’ve taken time off and done the same, and I think I’m ready to go. It’s definitely time to start back up again, no more excuses! Thanks for the wishes, and yay to marathon training!

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