what i wore: boston marathon edition

Ok, so hopefully you’re never caught by surprise with an extremely warm marathon (unless you signed-up for a summer marathon in Arizona or something), but if you are, these are the items that really got me through the race.

Lululemon: Run: Ultra Short II, $54

I am a sucker for lululemon clothing. Yes it costs too much, but it’s so pretty and so soft, therefore I have to have it :) Seriously though, these shorts were awesome. I subscribe to their product updates so when I saw bright pink flowery shorts a week before the race that had multiple pockets, I bought them. There are two hidden pockets in the front and one zippered pocket in the back. I put 1 GU packet in each of the front packets, and stuffed the back zipper pocket with two GU packets and salt tablets. Someone actually came up to me asking how I could run without a belt, and I showed her all my secret pockets and she was amazed. Not only did I get compliments along the run, but my parents were able to spot me right away! My mom said she knew it had to be me from my shorts.

Target: C9 by Champion, Seamless Racerback Bra, $17

Going with the color theme, I really wanted a hot pink sports bra as well. I love the C9 brand at Target — it’s extremely comfortable and durable, not to mention super inexpensive. I own a pair of shorts and capris from the line, and added this to my collection last week. Although I do occasionally splurge on running items, I always come back to Target for some dependable running gear.

Smartwool: Women’s PHD Run Light Macro, $14

I know, enough with the pink. Don’t worry though, all the items I wore come in other colors so you can always tailor to your liking. I actually bought a bunch of Smartwool socks for winter training, and trained in these for several of my long runs. I never got any blisters and I was told they were good for both cold and heat so I took them along. Although I couldn’t feel them at the end, my feet were feeling pretty fresh!

Chillskinz, Large Towel, $25

IF YOU ARE RUNNING IN HEAT, YOU MUST BUY THIS TOWEL. This was by far the best thing I could have had with me. My dad actually saw this at the Expo and decided it couldn’t hurt to try it out. How it works: you add water to it and then shake it up, and it legitimately stays cool for hours — its magic, I swear. Even your sweat adds to the moisture, ultimately cooling you down. It really works! I let one of the girls I ran with use it for a few miles and I could tell the difference when I wasn’t wearing it. I wore it around my neck and tucked it into my bra, but I saw other runners wearing them wrapped around their head. If you can’t get one in time, an experienced marathoner told me to use a bandana. It doesn’t stay cool the whole time, but it will protect you from the heat and you can always rewet it. That was my plan until my dad decided to be a hero :) Definitely check it out!

The North Face: Better Than Naked Hat, $25

Definitely glad I brought a hat. It kept the sun out my eyes and my head never felt overheated. Only downside, which isn’t really a downside if you think of the purpose of the hat, was that because it was water-resistant I couldn’t pour water on top of it. I would take my hat off, pour water, and then put it back on. Basically, it does a good job and would be perfect in the rain.

NMSS: Marathon Strides Against MS Running Singlet, priceless

Cheesy I know, but seriously, it was an amazing experience with an amazing team. I met some great people who are just as passionate about the cause, which really is incredible. I was honored to be able to run with the team.

I didn’t mention it above, but of course I piled on the sunscreen and body glide. I’ll also get into shoes in another post since I’ll be shopping for some new ones soon :)

What items would you recommend for the heat? Did you feel prepared to run in this crazy 80-something degree temperature?


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