i did it, i did it! i ran the boston marathon

It’s been a few days since the Boston and I can’t get over it. I sent a letter to all my donors the following day, but I couldn’t muster the ability to write more so apologies for the late post.

It really was an incredible experience, no matter how you want to look at it. And I had everything NOT in my favor: all the warnings from the Boston Athletic Association, my first marathon, my first BOSTON marathon. Sure, the warnings kept coming, but after all that training and all that effort how could I not run? I knew I would have to stop and walk, and I knew I would have to slow down, so as long as I was smart about it, that’s all that mattered.

I was reading an article yesterday (which I obviously can’t find now that I want to share) about people asking for a heat-adjusted time. I joined the crowd of, “Wait, seriously?” I know a lot of people have been joking about this race being their PW (Personal Worst), but it really is an amazing thing to have survived. I obviously didn’t expect to finish in the 5-hour window, but hey, things happen.

Name Age Group Bib Number Place (M/W) Place (Age) Place (Total)
Soto, Jenina Female 18-39 22350 7836 4018 19297
5K 10K 15K 20K HALF 25K 30K 35K 40K Finish
00:31:35 01:09:46 01:45:54 02:26:05 02:33:25 03:03:59 03:42:37 04:24:23 05:08:07 05:24:50

I’ll write up some posts on the actual trip and what I ate and wore for those out there who are worried/anxious about what to expect from it. This will not be my first and last marathon. It’s just the beginning!

What was your experience like with the Boston Marathon? Do you think people should get a heat-adjusted time or take it with a grain (more like packet) of salt?


2 responses to “i did it, i did it! i ran the boston marathon

  1. Hey Jenina, I am from Australia, and due to the happenings in Boston on the news here, I thought I would write to you and see if you are ok, I do hope you are, it all sounds scary from here, and from your blog I see you are into running a lot and I though maybe you would have went to the Boston Marrathon!

    Please do reply if you get a chance, not only would I love to hear from you , but I do so hope you are ok at this scary time!


    • Hi Edward, thank you so much for the comment. It really means a lot that you sent this, especially given the circumstances. I did not run this year and am so grateful that I did not defer. I cannot believe the tragedy and pray for the recovery all the affected families.

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