3 days left and possible record temperatures?!

I thought I was fine. I’ve been ready for so long. And now, I keep obsessing over the weather. I mean who isn’t freaking out over 80 degree weather? Though it was a pretty mild winter, I really didn’t have any exposure to the heat. Maybe it’s bad luck since every year at school I wished for warm weather on Marathon Monday. It was always such an amazing feeling knowing I’d be outside drinking, cheering on runners in hot weather. Now I wish I could take it back. Oh well! Nothing I can do about it. I need to remember to STAY POSITIVE, stay hydrated, and slow down. It’s my first marathon anyway and my goal was to finish, so I couldn’t expect any record times anyway :)

Thanks to everyone for the support along the way. It really has been such a remarkable experience so far.

If you want to track me along the race, AT&T is doing text alerts! You can read more of the details on the BAA site, but here’s the basic information:

TEXT the word RUNNER to 345678 using your US mobile phone.
You will then receive an sms text response with instructions on how to submit a runner’s bib number

My bib number: 22350

You will get a text at the 10K, half-marathon, 30k, and finish markers. Hopefully they won’t be too spread apart, but who knows with the weather.

Yay Marathon Monday!!! Almost here!

Any advice for what to do in the heat, other than staying hydrated? Have you taken salt tablets, and if so, when would you recommend taking them?


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