AHH! I couldn’t be any happier right now! Not only is the marathon exactly a month away, but I have reached my fundraising goal of $5,000. I am so grateful and feel so blessed to have such an amazing group of people in my life, as well as those strangers who are kind and generous and believe in the cause.

My loving bf send me this awesome article that I need to share.

Here are 10 Facts You Should Know About MS

  1. Anyone can get MS
  2. MS causes and triggers vary
  3. Some MS symptoms are common, some are not
  4. MS can flare and relapse
  5. There are four types of MS
  6. MS is treatable
  7. MS medications are evolving
  8. The prognosis for people with MS is improving
  9. You can live a full life with MS (in fact, there are some people on the MSAMS team with MS who are running the marathon too!!)
  10. There is hope for a cure

You are all proof that there is hope for a cure. Thank you all again for everything! Here’s to the last month of training!


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