we are always running for the thrill of it

…always pushing up the hill, searching for the thrill of it.

These were lyrics to a song that came on during one of my runs last week. And at that point in my run, I couldn’t think of a better time for me to hear those words.

I’ll admit it. I got tired of running. Not tired of running because it was exhausting and I didn’t have the energy, but tired of the strict, regimented schedule I had been adhering to since December. I originally wanted to run a marathon because I knew how I felt when I was running, like I could go on for miles and miles, happy with my life and myself. But then it came about doing a certain number of miles per day, at a certain pace, and then this many sprints, or that many hills, and then I started to dislike it. Kids don’t likes reading books in school not because the books aren’t good, but because they are being forced to do something that they’d rather do leisurely and at their own pace. That’s exactly what happened to me.

For two weeks I ran, but not with my heart. And that’s a shame. I’ve had so many supporters along the way that I feel liked I disappointed not just myself, but them. Then last Thursday, something just clicked. I was actually looking FORWARD to my 8-mile run that night. Maybe it was the change in weather, or maybe it was just me getting over myself, but I was dying for that run. When I finally went on my run, my love came back.

Last weekend was great, I was revitalized again and although I couldn’t make it to Boston for my long run, I did the scheduled 20 miler all on my own. :)

This is it guys, I’m back in business. Running, running, running, because I can and because it’s for something much much bigger than me. I’ve raised almost $5,000 for MS and I am so grateful for what this will do. Thanks again everyone for believing in me!

How do you stay motivated throughout your training? Do you ever lose the thrill of running?


4 responses to “we are always running for the thrill of it

  1. You’re right. Running can become mundane. What motivates me is imagining myself crossing the finish line.

    • That’s a good image to have. I do always try to finish my long runs with that same though – a final hurrah and then be done with it. One month left!

    • Haha I like that – the Running Blahs. The perfect way to describe that time in your training. I should add that to my schedule next time ;)

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