a run around boston

Man the marathon is getting close! This past weekend I joined the MS team for a training run. They started back in December but since I’m in NYC, I decided I would start coming up in February for the longer runs. So this was my first out of four more long runs! That sounds so little compared to when I first started! 18 last weekend, 19 next week, and a 20 and 21 mile run in March. Ah getting nervous!!!

When I first planned my trip the weather was supposed to be nice, but of course there was a snow storm warning for that Saturday. We started around 8 a.m. and luckily the snow didn’t come down too bad and also didn’t stick. The run seemed much easier than usual because a) I was running with two other girls (yay company!) and 2) built in water stops. I thought it would slow me down, but I actually found I was able to run on pace for the whole thing and then stop for a drink. I won’t plan to take as long at the rest stops for the actual race, but it was a nice change-up.

The training run included Heartbreak Hill, which didn’t feel too bad after mile 11… If only it would work the same way after mile 20. I spoke to a co-worker who said something just happens after 20 miles, you basically shut down. Real encouraging I know, but the more feedback I get from others, the more I’ll know what to expect. He also suggested to incorporate ice baths afterr my long runs. I know some other runners swear by it, so I guess I’ll try it out next time… Brrr!

As I get closer, any advice for training on the Boston Marathon course and what to expect? Also, how do you like to recover after a long run?


2 responses to “a run around boston

  1. I definitely suggest you run conservatively in the first half on the race day. In my first Boston 2 years ago, I just flew down the first half with lots of flat and down-hill, because of adrenalin, excitement, and my competitive nature. I learned it hard way and paid the price after Mile 21 or so :o. So, when they say it is wise to go slow in the first half is very slow. If you have a minute, check my Boston reports from last two years. You might find it useful. Good luck with your training and I might see you there in Boston!

    • I was just thinking about that today… For the first half, maybe adapt the mantra “run slow” until I reach the halfway mark. I can see myself thinking, “Wow this is so easy, I can definitely maintain this for another 20-something miles” and then crashing. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll def check out your reports too!

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