getaway to parsippany: run edition

I’ve been neglecting my hometown for some reason. It’s not fair because I’ve done majority of my long runs in the good old Jers, and it always feels like much more of an accomplishment because I get to list all the towns I had to run through to complete my run. Parsippany, Boonton, Mountain Lakes, Denville, Rockaway… Feels like it never ends sometimes!

For this 17 mile run, I kept a similar eating pattern. No bagels though, so I went with one piece of toast with peanut butter and half a banana. Kept the GU the same at an hour and a half, then 45 minutes later. I’m wondering if I’ll keep that going when I run longer distances? Not sure.

Making a trip to Boston this weekend! The plan is to join the MS team for all my long runs from now on (which is basically every other weekend until the real deal!). Can’t wait to get some practice on the course.

Here are some pictures from my long run. Have to stop and enjoy the scenery from time to time:




What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen on a run? How do you keep yourself entertained on long runs?


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