run like the wind, bullseye!

Had my longest run, again. Actually not too bad. I did 16 miles up and down the Westside Highway. The weather was pretty nice in the upper 30s / low 40s, but the wind was pretty tricky.

My plan of attack (in terms of food and hydration):

– Hydrated all day Saturday
– Ate a plain bagel with peanut butter about 2 hours before my run
– Filled my little bottles with gatorade
– Ate a GU packet after 1:30
– Ate a second GU packet after 2:15

How it actually went down:

The bagel definitely held me over in the beginning, although I did want to munch on something after an hour. I’m thinking chomps or shot bloks may be something I’d try out. I felt pretty comfortable holding out until an hour and a half was good to have my first GU. Once upon a time, I would actually eat a GU 15 minutes before my run and then 45 minutes after (just like the little package says), but one of my runner friends told me I was overdoing it. If you eat something before, let your body use that energy. Anyway, I got a burst of energy and felt really good.

After 2:15 on the clock, I knew I needed that next GU. Or maybe it was mental. Not sure. But I wanted it anyway. I was so close and I felt like I could do it, but at my turn around point (which would give me 2.5 miles left), I was running directly into the wind. Let me tell you, running against a 11 MPH wind isn’t easy. I would have rather done Harlem Hill 5 times fast (ok, definitely an exaggeration). It was making me work harder to keep up with my pace… but I did it!

If you’re interested, you can check out my run here. The best part is stretching after my run right next to the West 79th St Boat Basin Cafe. So pretty :)

Any advice on attacking strong winds? What food(s) work best for you when preparing for a long run?


One response to “run like the wind, bullseye!

  1. Great job on the long run! I am still exploring on the right foods to eat before running too….I do like eating bananas and gronola, but I still need something more. If you run across anyting good, please let me know! :) Also I am actually starting to really like the chocholate gu packs…ha…!

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