my subway scare

I like to consider myself a healthy person. I eat well, hydrate, work out, and sleep the recommended amounts. I don’t like taking medicine just because I trust my body to get better on its own, so when I do give in, something is really wrong with me. Headache? Must mean I didn’t have my morning cup of joe or need to drink more water. Tummy ache? Need to pick up a ginger ale pronto and lay down. Hungover? Light Blue Gatorade and Keebler Club Crackers. Guaranteed to make me feel great (which is why I think being sick is mental).

So this morning when I didn’t feel well on the subway (I mean, really didn’t feel well), I panicked. I was feeling a little nauseous on the subway ride so I started debating if something was wrong with my breakfast. I had an egg white omelet with mexican cheese and salsa along with a protein shake. Breakfast was post-run, but my run was only five miles which has never been an issue before.

All of a sudden, one stop away from work, my body shut down. I felt extremely dizzy and everything went fuzzy. I grabbed onto the pole and realized I was sweating profusely. I was two seconds away from telling the lady next to me, “Please catch me when I fall and call a doctor.” Everything felt like it was going slow motion. I heard my stop being announced so I willed myself to move and slowly wobbled off the train, hoping to get a breath of fresh air. I made it outside, unzipped my jacket and just stood there. I felt a little better… but why did I even feel like that in the first place?

At work, I decided to walk down to our on-site physicians. He told me I was totally fine, and that I may have just had a vasovagal attack, which is basically the most common faint spell. He said it could have happened for a number of reasons. Maybe the subway was more stuffy than usual? Maybe my legs were tired and I needed to sit down. Overall, not that helpful. So I’ve been replaying everything again in my head. I had plenty of water yesterday, and I had water this morning so I don’t think I was dehydrated. The 4/5/6 train is ALWAYS crowded during rush hour… Arg, it will remain a mystery.

Have you ever fainted before and what triggered it? Or, have you ever had a random “something isn’t ok with me” feeling and how did you fix it?


7 responses to “my subway scare

  1. My sister fainted at church once. They had a first aid kit and revived her, but after church we took her to the emergency room. The doctor said something along the lines of “Sometimes when people are standing for awhile, they just pass out.” I thought it sounded funny too, but it never happened to her again. Maybe be extra mindful of how you’re feeling the next few days, but as strange as your doctor’s explanation was, maybe he was right. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better now!

    • Thanks, I’m definitely going to be on guard the next few days… I’m glad to hear when your sister went through the same thing, everything turned out ok. Although it does sound much better to faint in a church then underground on a subway… *Adding subway faint spells to list of fears*

  2. I passed out once in the security line at Reagan Airport…pretty much the worst thing ever, though I think passing out on the Subway would be pretty scary too. I was talking about it with my boss the other day and she said she used to have those same fainting spells and it was caused by a Vitamin D deficiency. I’ve heard that locking your knees is a common factor too.

    • As I read that, I reached into my office drawer and took a multi-vitamin. I guess my splash of milk in my coffee isn’t going to far? Hm. I can look into that if it happens again, but I’ll keep my eye on that as well, thanks! And the airport seems just as bad! Glad you survived :)

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