getaway to chicago: run edition

My trip to Chicago with Josh was successful. I’ll post another blog dedicated to the awesome food that we ate, but I wanted to dedicate this one to my running experience.

Everyone kept warning me how cold it was going to be, but I really didn’t think it was that bad overall; I remember Boston being much colder! Luckily, it snowed two days before we arrived, so the city had been cleaned up for our arrival and looked so pretty!

I woke up Sunday morning a little before 8 to prepare for my run. The night before I saw these Gatorade Prime bars that I wanted to try out. I figure it would be easier to munch on these before my run since we were staying at a hotel.

The instructions say to eat one to four bites prior to your workout. I didn’t know what to expect, so I went with three bites, especially since I eat very lightly pre-run.


Our hotel was near the Navy Pier so I was able to enter the path right along the Lake. It was gorgeous!! The weather channel told me 20 degrees and 11 mph winds. I’m not sure if it was because I overcompensated with several layers, but I was pretty warm during my run!

I wore an Underarmour warmgear tee, a Northface long sleeve running top, a vest, and my Nike running windbreaker jacket. For my bottoms, I wore my Nike Windless Running Tights. For gloves, I used a pair that I just purchased, these Brooks running gloves with a wind flap (still deciding whether I like them). Since it was 14 miles, I brought 2 GU packets in my running belt, along with both waters filled.

The path was great. There were so many runners out including different running groups. What’s great is that there are also mile markers around the lake, so depending where you start you can know how much you’ve run. I got to see some awesome scenery! Take a look below.




After my run, I felt great. For my longest training run, I was energized the whole time. I took a GU after the first hour, and the second one after two hours. I feel like I could have kept going :) I also tried to take water at mile markers to simulate a race, but I only ended up drinking one of the bottles.

This is me after my run:


Do you still hydrate during a run in the cold? What are your favorite things about running in your city?


4 responses to “getaway to chicago: run edition

  1. Hey! I totally would have offered to buy you a post-run coffee if I had realized you were in town!

    I was on the path Saturday morning with the Boston Bound group, I think it was 16 degrees out. I have to say, I am always impressed with how well the city clears the recreation paths!

    Although this is my 6th Chicago winter, it’s only the second one I have run through and I have found you really don’t need as much clothing as you would think…that is, until the air temperature hits about 5, then you just don’t warm up!

    I have to admit that I always forget to hydrate when it’s cold out. I did 15miles Saturday and didn’t drink until I was done! Whoops. Not smart, as that usually means a headache and stiff legs later on.

    • Thanks! I totally fell in love with Chicago, so I’ll take you up on that offer next time I’m in town :)

      I’m not sure if it was the time I started, but I did reach an icy patch in the beginning. Luckily the sun came out so it had partially melted by the time of my return. I was impressed with the rest of the path though, I feel like NYC is never ready when I need it to be. We also haven’t had snow this winter… Hopefully I don’t jinx it.

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