keeping on pace

I love RunnersWorld; I think most runners can attest to the greatness behind this resource. Anytime I want to buy something new, I try to do  a quick search just to see if there’s an article about it, or if something’s aching, I try to find a Q&A that one of their writers recommends. Recently, I found the pace calculator that they have on their site. I’ve always known I needed to run slower and pace is something that I definitely need to work on; for my last half – the first 6 miles were at 8:00 pace, the rest was 9:00/10:00. Here’s what they calculated for me:

Surprisingly, before looking this up, I have been training pretty close to these times. Yippee for me! The only thing I really need to work on are my long run times. I feel a little bit better knowing I can slow down a bit.

Do you try to pace yourself during your training? Or do you just take off for a run?


3 responses to “keeping on pace

  1. I always find it hard to go slow on a long run. I can do a 5k at just over 8min mile pace but then do 10k at about 9, but even in my training runs even when I try to go slow I end up still doing 9.15’s

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