a change-up from running solo

One of the reasons I like to run is because I can get away to clear my mind and relax, or in times of high stress, I can try to sort things out and make decisions. It’s usually quiet (or as quiet as it can be in the city)  and I can focus on my mind, breathing and strides so as not to be distracted. Recently though, I tried the whole running partner idea, which started off by accident. I convinced my friends to sign up for a 5k but was planning to run at my own pace; brunch after seemed like a sufficient time to be together. However, one of my friends convinced one of her own friends to run, so when I took off, he took off with me. It was actually a pretty cool experience, if he decided to sprint, I sprinted with him. It was motivating and I was forced to push myself when I could have easily continued to jog. For not training for speed, I did pretty well for my first 5k.

This past weekend I decided to invite a friend along for my long run. A few months ago, she asked me to let her know when I was planning to do one, but my laziness and busy work schedule got the best of me so I didn’t have a good time to invite her. We ended up doing a 10 mile run along the West Side Highway, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun it was to have company. Since I wasn’t running for speed, just for the distance, we were able to catch up and talk about how things were going. I assume it was also a smooth process because she ran at my pace, but I definitely understand why people talk so highly of running groups and partners. You may want to slow down on your own, but you feel like you can do more when you’re with another person. Success!

What are your thoughts on running with other people? Do you prefer running solo or do you need a partner/group to keep you on track?


4 responses to “a change-up from running solo

  1. I go back and forth about it. During my training I usually run alone, but until this past weekend I’ve done races with someone else. I actually LOVED running the 1/2 marathon by myself. The only person I had to worry about was me :)

    • I know what you mean, it is so much easier to worry about yourself. I guess we all have to be careful of selecting a running partner, because we also don’t want someone to hold us back either!

  2. Long runs are always great to do with another person if you can – I get bored after mile 7 or so when I run by myself (which is probably why I run with music :)). Also, if the person is about the same pace as you it is always good. If they are slower, you feel bad speeding up, if they are faster – it could help push you, but sometimes it is not as “fun” Sounds like you had a fun time!

  3. I run with a group on the weekends, but during the week I do a lot of my training solo. I think running with a group is great for holding you accountable especially when you do your longer runs on the weekends if you are training for something specific like a marathon. I can definitely attribute getting started with distance running to the running group/club I belong to now. It is great to know like minded individuals and be able to socialize with other runners when you can.

    I also do enjoy running solo though. I can totally relate to the feeling of gaining clarity and releasing stress during a run!

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