Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

You are confusing me. You have been for quite some time now, and it’s really messing with my running schedule. Last Saturday, it snowed… and it’s only October! It’s been going back and forth for weeks now, cold one day, hot the next, and I can’t keep up.

This morning I decided to do some hill training. I woke up early for the third morning in the row, and I thought, hm, what should I wear? Weather says it’s 40 degrees, but what does that mean? Since I’m still working on motivating myself to run outside in the mornings, I wanted to make sure I’d stay warm so I wore running tights, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt. By the time I got to Central Park, I could see a vast array of running attire. S0me runners were in shorts, t-shirts, pants, jackets, capris, hats, you name it. I felt pretty comfortable, but after the third hill or so, I thought maybe I could shed some layers.

That’s besides the point. I just want you to decide if we are going to have fall weather for the next few weeks or if it will be just plain winter. There’s no groundhog for me to rely on, and that little guy isn’t always right anyway. Weather forecast for the rest of this week is in the 50s and next week is in the 60s. Who knows?

Love always,

Hope you enjoyed my amusing letter. Has anyone else felt like they were in the same predicament with deciding how to layer? What’s your go-to running outfit for fall weather?


10 responses to “Dear Mother Nature

  1. LOL! The weather in Pittsburgh has been quite crazy as well :)

    I get so nervous about running in the morning/dark, especially when it is cold.. I know once I get going that i’m fine, but it can be a struggle to get out the door!

  2. I feel exactly how you do about running in this weather! I love the dri-fit stuff by Nike. I am also a big fan of the tops that have a hole in the sleeve to stick your thumbs in…especially when its not quite cold enough to wear gloves!

  3. Kudos to you! I have for sure run in snow and hail but I am always cold below 55 degrees so I wear layers of moisture wicking clothing no matter what when it’s cold. I just don’t take it off.
    I would avoid a sweatshirt though because it will just make you hot and then cold once you take it off. Look for long sleeve tech shirt or lightweight running jacket for the in-between days :)

    • Yes, I am looking for a lightweight running jacket! I’ve seen a few, but I’m getting stuck on what color to get… which doesn’t even matter. Woops!

  4. In summer, it is easy to decide what to wear, shorts and a T-shirt. Saturday I ran and I wore tights a a long sleeved T. I saw others wearing shorts and t-shirts and others wearing several layers of clothes. When I was younger, I dressed so that I would be comfortable after I was warmed up. Now, I am not so tough. I dress so that I am warm when I start. I am much more motivated to start running when I am not cold at the beginning. I also decided that being ‘tough’ was lot of work.

    • I’m not even tough now and I’m just getting into my running career… Oh well, I’m trying! Mainly because I have laundry to do so all the warm stuff is gone… :)

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