no excuses, play like a champion

I saw this quote on one of my favorite twitter accounts (@RunningQuotes), and it really struck me:  “Some people say they don’t have enough time to train. Others make it happen.” This is one of the most accurate quotes I’ve read in a while.  I can say I’ve been victim to not making time for a run, but it’s just an excuse. Yes, I probably could have refused to press snooze three more times, and yes, I could have left my desk for an hour instead of waiting for someone’s feedback on a report. I hear the complaints of a long commute – but really, you can at least fit in two miles.

Think about it. 24 hours in a day = 1,440 minutes. Say you take 30 minutes, just 30 minutes to go for a run. 30 mins / 1,440 = 2%. A measly 2%! That’s all the time you need to take away. Think about the time you spend sleeping, eating, watching TV. I really think you’ll survive.

As if you didn’t need more reason to feel guilty, the recent stories in the news of a 100-year old man finishing the London Marathon and a pregnant woman running a marathon and giving birth the same day, will definitely leave you feeling shamed for “not having time.”

100 years old, Fauja Singh, participated in the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. His time: 8:25:17. Singh started running in his 80s, after his wife and son passed away. Truly, he did not let life knock him down, he decided to pick up his feet (literally) to cross that 26.2 path.

It may seem crazy, but Amber Miller ran the Chicago Marathon while 39 weeks pregnant.  Although the health risk at that stage is debatable, exercising while pregnant has been proven to be ok. I think back to the scene in Sex and the City where Charlotte is afraid to run when she becomes pregnant; however, she eventually picks it back up because it’s something she loves.

The moral of the story is most people can find an excuse to not run. Yet, it is those with committment and dedication that bring their sneakers when traveling or wake up at 5 am just to fit in a run. Remember, “…others make it happen.”


3 responses to “no excuses, play like a champion

  1. I love that quote! I’m going to spout it off whenever people make fun of me for leaving a party early so I can run the next morning. I gotta make it happen!

    Anyway, I’d started a blog about running slow and hopefully it’s funny but it’s new and I’m looking for feedback. If you’d like to and you’ve got a minute, check it out:

    • Thanks! I know the feeling of being lame to make sure you’re fully prepared for a run the next morning. I will definitely check your blog out. :)

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